“International Career Studies organized everything for me. As soon as I arrived, the ICS representative met me at the airport. She brought me site seeing a little bit and then we went to meet Ben. The apartment was great, the location was awesome. The next day I went to the hospital to meet the staff and to get a tour so I would be familiar with what I would be doing at the Hospital. Everything was ready to go when I arrived.”

I got the chance to go into the surgery room, many times, and that was hands down one of the best experiences that I had.

They gave me an opportunity to be within each unit of the hospital to figure out what I like and become familiar with the process of how the staff work towards making the patients feel comfortable.

I got to see all aspects and it was really informative.

I don’t think I would have received this experience anywhere else, the staff is impeccable, they are all very comfortable and work very well with each other.

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It was a really great opportunity to see each health discipline and how they work by themselves and as a whole in a hospital setting. This was my roommate; we had some great times together.

I wanted to make sure I got good exposure and that I was involved in doing different tasks. This was the main focus of my internship as I didn’t have an opportunity to go abroad during my school year, it was my chance to really narrow down what I wanted to do.

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