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International Career Studies (ICS) is an official member of WYSE (World Youth & Student) Travel Confederation and WYSE Work Abroad, as well as the International Au Pair Association (IAPA)

We work with people of all ages from recent high school graduates to mature professionals to find them comprehensive educational travel experiences around the world that will allow our clients to become more marketable locally and globally, as well as further the interest of promoting international goodwill.

Travel abroad for educational experiences.

Travel Abroad

Think about how quickly the global marketplace is expanding in modern times and consider how critical it will be for companies to begin thinking on an international scale. Employers are looking to hire qualified candidates that are going to be assets on the global business stage. International Career Studies can assist you in acquiring these qualifications either through career specific internships or volunteer experiences and edutourism travel packages.

Our organization has discovered employment and educational opportunities all over the world for those wishing to gain international experience and a new cultural perspective. Through our partners, we have developed numerous programs that offer participants the opportunity to study, learn, and soak up the diversity in another country.  We match you with socially responsible employers and tour groups that share our goals of higher education. Enrol today and become successful in your chosen field. Be in Demand Anywhere.

Why Choose ICS?

Visa Application Assistance

Applying for an international work Visa can be confusing especially if you don’t know where to start.  International Career Studies employs international marketing managers, travel agents, and consultants specifically to help guide you through the process whether you are going away for three weeks or 12 months.

International Network

We may be a Canadian based company but our network of international partners means that no matter where you choose to travel in the world, there will always be an ICS representative there to aid and support you along the way.  From Cuba to Thailand, we are always in reach.


It is through the joint co-operation of our valued partners that we are pleased to offer a variety of programs.  Our partners provide our clients with essential guidance in getting their international program started on the right foot and local first-person support all over the globe.

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