Do you have a passion for travel and a curiosity to explore different cultures while meeting new friends along the way? We are looking for people who want to be more than just employees; we're looking for those who want to lead others thru a journey around the world to help others while helping themselves.

While most companies look for people to fit a job description, at International Career Studies, we're looking for people to fit into our company culture and live by our core values. Keep reading if you are a well-organized, flexible, people person who has a great sense of humor. Ideally, you're not afraid to live out of a backpack, take video footage/photos and troubleshoot calmly when a wild animal presents itself in front of your bus right before lunch.

Working for International Career Studies is a lifestyle choice that will give you the chance to work for an organization that is young, internationally savvy and proud of its ability to influence change. We have that 'work hard--play hard' philosophy that is dedicated to our entrepreneurial spirit. Whether you're looking for 'a place to hang your hat' or 'a hat to hang in your place', we have a strong team who share in the vision. The world is our oyster and we're looking for global citizens who have a passion in showing others its true riches. Join the International Career Studies Team to make a difference you never thought was possible!

How to Apply

To apply for a position with International Career Studies fill out this form including your resume.