When you choose to travel abroad with International Career Studies, you are not only signing up for an educational and thrilling experience, but you are also connecting yourself with an international network of support services specifically designed to help you get the most out of your trip.

Here are just a few of the things you can expect from ICS:

  • Affordable travel rates & airport pickup
  • Affordable accommodations & meals
  • Assistance with VISA/travel documents
  • Access to public transportation
  • Available weekend excursions
  • Your choice of program speciality/field of study
  • Up to 40 hrs/week for internships/work experience
  • Language training programs
  • Internet & computer access
  • Local program support & emergency contacts
  • Orientation package & reading material

Coming to Canada

Canadians are well known for being polite and passive aggressive in their behaviour. It is humorously said that even if you bump into a Canadian, they will be the one to apologize. The country is extremely multicultural and you will encounter a wide variety of people and personalities over the course of your stay. Generally speaking though, Canadians are friendly and easy going. If you behave similarly, chances are you will get along fine with the local culture and make lifelong friends.

Canada’s country, people and economy:

Coming to Cuba

Cuban culture is upbeat and the people are incredibly hospitable. Being open and friendly is a character trait that is highly desirable on this island. Visitors are often welcomed warmly and loudly; the more animated the better. And with their day-to-day lives being less heavily influenced by their religion in comparison to other countries, it takes a lot to offend these easy going people. Still, you should do some research so that you have a basic understanding of how the Cuban people live and what aspects of life they value.

Cuba’s country, people and economy:

Coming to Thailand

Thai culture is incredibly warm and welcoming. Thai people are both open to other people’s religious and political beliefs and very proud of their own culture. However, while sensitive to the behaviour of others, Thai people follow some cultural practices that can be awkward for some visitors. Typically, Thais will not show overt displeasure at someone violating these Thailand cultural norms as the culture dictates that people do not get visibly upset at others. Therefore, you should be aware of these unspoken cultural rules before you violate them.

Thailand’s country, people and economy: