5 reasons why an international internship is a great career move

March 5, 2015

Interning abroad has come a long way from being a great experience, but nothing more. Today, it’s a smart and strategic way to get a competitive edge in your chosen career field. Yet, an internship abroad still seems to mostly attract the really creative, forward thinkers. Those who dare to go out on a limb in search of opportunities. Like every newly emerging trend, the opportunity exists mostly for those who get in early. Completing an internship abroad is no exception. Here are 5 reasons to do an international internship now:

1) Networking. Robert Kiyosaki said, ‘The richest people in the world look for and build networks. everyone else looks for work.’ No matter what career field you pursue, building a network will be key to your long-term success, and since the marketplace today is a global one, you need an international network. Through an international internship, you will meet people from all over the world, in your career field. With today’s technology, you can stay in close contact with them after you return home, and sooner or later, it will pay off;

2) Employers are looking for people with international experience. Employers like to have employees who have worked abroad because they can bring fresh, new ideas; an alternative way of doing things, new methodologies. They also like the fact that they are not afraid to travel abroad, if necessary, and this makes them more versatile. Today, many employers are competing globally, so they are thinking globally, hiring globally;

3) It looks great on a university or college application. Now, think for a moment. Schools are businesses. Their long-term success and sustainability lies in the success of their graduates. When you apply to university, they are not only looking at your grades. They want to be certain that you are sure this is right for you. An international internship in your chosen field tells a school that you are invested; you have tested the waters and are still here, wanting to pursue this career field. It tells them that you are unlikely to drop out of the program. It says you’re all in;

4) Most people aren’t. This means that you will have a competitive edge over others in your industry. Whether you are starting your first career, or between jobs, an internship abroad will ensure you stand out;

5) Get used to travelling and working abroad. Did you know that culture shock is one of the biggest contributors to a lack of productivity for those working abroad? If you are going to have any success in your career field, you will be traveling for work. So, get used to it now. Employers will like that you are open to it and that you can handle the culture shock.

Oh, and of course, there’s the whole ‘great experience’ reason, and there’s nothing wrong with that one.

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