And This Is Why I Love To Travel

October 16, 2012

As a kid and to this day even, one of my favourite games to play is the one where you spin a globe, plant your finger on any place at random and then imagine all the fun adventures that await you. I would be shocked if you could Continue reading

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Don’t Delay; Put Off College Today

October 9, 2012

Have you considered taking a gap year?

Students, if you have parents who are downright giddy about the idea of you going off to college or university, you might want to save this article until they are out of the room because chances are they won’t be overly thrilled with me for putting the idea of delaying the start of your post-secondary schooling in your head.

And I understand that completely. Continue reading

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Health Check: Travelling Abroad

September 11, 2012

Facial TissueNo one likes getting sick.  Even the slightest head cold can make some people feel miserable and cause the people around them to run and hide so that they do not become the outlet for that misery.  And going to the doctors is even worse.  Now on top of being sick, you get to sit in a waiting room for two hours surrounded by sick people only to get poked and prodded and sent home with a prescription for some medication that may or may not actually cure what ails you.  Personally, I’d rather Continue reading

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Olympic Fever in Cuba

July 31, 2012

With the 2012 London Summer Olympic Games having officially launched on Friday, I couldn’t help but get caught up in the Olympic fever of watching newscasts and poring over articles celebrating triumphs and sympathizing with defeats.  As a Canadian, this is easy to understand as we are still winding down from the feeling of patriotism and excitement that was a national staple for the 2012 Vancouver Winter Olympic Games.  But what about those other countries?  What about those countries that did not host the Games a couple years back? What about Continue reading

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Elephants on Parade with Edutourism

July 24, 2012

From 1957 to 1989, elephants in Thailand were primarily used in the logging industry.  They were domesticated and trained by local villagers to work and provide the family with an income.  By the end of 1989, the logging industry had grown so rapidly that the forests had been depleted to a point where only 20 percent of the forests remained forcing the government to ban the trade.  With the logging industry effectively shut down, many Thai families Continue reading

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