Putting Cuba in the Spotlight

January 10, 2012

I have used Cuba in a number of examples in my recent blog posts (whether you have caught on to that or not) and there is a perfectly good reason for it.  Cuba is fantastic.

That statement alone should be enough to convince you to consider it as a destination for your next trip. After all, who are you to argue with me?  However, since I am a reasonable person, I suppose Continue reading


Your job might not be overseas but chances are some of your clients and suppliers are.

January 3, 2012

You’ve recently been hired at a new kitchen appliance distribution and manufacturing company.  Congratulations.  You are feeling confident and are ready to hit the ground running.  You meet your co-workers, get a quick tour of the office, learn that the copier is on the fritz again and are dropped off at your cubical to get started.  You dive into Continue reading

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Cuba is always great for a vacation but what about for education?

December 21, 2011

Hitting the white sandy beaches and listening to the sultry beat of Cuban mambo music is always a good vacation idea.  The people, the festivals, the excitement; it is all there.  But if you are going to be a serious student, do you really have time to take a vacation,  hit up the local art scene and Continue reading

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An Introduction of Sorts

December 16, 2011

For my first blog entry, I just wanted to take the chance to say “howdy” and introduce myself to the online community or “blogosphere” if you are literate in or familiar with the funny words that people have created to identify certain online activities or places.  (Seriously though, who comes up with these things?)

The basics:  I am Mel, a former serial job seeker with a great interest Continue reading

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