Elephants on Parade with Edutourism

July 24, 2012

From 1957 to 1989, elephants in Thailand were primarily used in the logging industry.  They were domesticated and trained by local villagers to work and provide the family with an income.  By the end of 1989, the logging industry had grown so rapidly that the forests had been depleted to a point where only 20 [...]

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International Spices for Your Culinary Experience

June 12, 2012

I am going to give into my glutinous side for a minute and declare that I love food.  I love cooking food, eating food, experimenting with new recipes, discussing food with friends, family and strangers.  I love going out to eat at new restaurants.  I love Italian food, Chinese food, Thai food, Mexican food, Greek [...]

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A Logical Excuse to Participate in Edutourism

March 6, 2012

You have sold your soul to your company for the past six years and the ten vacation days that you were originally granted has been boosted up to fifteen in exchange for your continued loyalty (and your first born child).  You do the math and quickly realize that fifteen days basically amounts to three weeks [...]

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February 28, 2012

If you follow me on Twitter or have bothered to check out my company’s website, then you have probably noticed that I toss the term “edutourism” around quite frequently.  No, it is not a spelling error that I keep making over and over again thank-you- very-much Microsoft spellchecker so you can


Boomers are Getting Schooled

February 14, 2012

As an educational travel blogger that works for a company that primarily offers internships to 20-some-odd year olds, you might think it’s weird that today I am going to be talking about Boomers or what basically amounts to my parent’s generation, 50 to 60 plus people that are

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