Choosing Your Career Path: Questions to Ask

November 19, 2012

What type of career are you interested in?  Are there a lot of jobs available in that industry?  What kind of money can you expect to make?  Do you think you will be successful doing it?  These are just some of the

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Don’t Delay; Put Off College Today

October 9, 2012

Have you considered taking a gap year? Students, if you have parents who are downright giddy about the idea of you going off to college or university, you might want to save this article until they are out of the room because chances are they won’t be overly thrilled with me for putting the idea [...]

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Career Development 101

April 25, 2012

Whether you have just graduated, are stuck in a dead-end job, are switching careers or just want to move up the corporate ladder a little, career development is something a lot of people struggle with.  They are either under the illusion that it is something that

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Gaps Years for Everyone – Part 2

February 7, 2012

My last blog post hopefully quelled some of your assumptions regarding who can take a gap year and what are some of the common motivators for mature professionals to make an adventure out of some extended time away from the office. This second part will address the logistics of taking a gap year, how to [...]

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