After having the opportunity to study abroad in Cuba with my University in December-January 2015 I knew I wanted to go back to Cuba soon and for longer. However, as a recent graduate I could no longer study abroad with my school. Additionally, I am from the United States so I was unsure how I was going to be able to go back without going through a People to People program. My best friend had also previously traveled to Cuba and wanted to go back with me, but was having doubts about how we were going to be able to do that. International Career studies answered our prayers! We were able to return to Havana together for three months. It was one of the only programs that was offering what we wanted and needed, a postgraduate internship. From the very start ICS was very personal and answered all the questions we had. Not only were they willing to reach out to me anytime I had a question or concern, but they developed a great relationship with our parents. This led to both of our Mothers coming to visit us in Cuba through an ICS education tour program. Our internship experience was invaluable. All of our Professors were extremely well known experts in their fields. I am forever grateful to ICS for enabling me to return to Havana and continue my learning experience. I especially recommend this program to people from the U.S who want to learn and explore Havana in a hands-off program, unlike The People to People Programs that we are limited by. From our housing to our classes everything was perfect and ICS made sure of it!