Arts & Culture

Film Industry - Producers, directors, choreographers and related occupations

Film Industry

These artistic occupations in India can be customized to include a variety of the following duties with particular focus on Bollywood-type films in Mumbai:

  • Observe film, radio and television producers plan, organize and control the various stages and scheduling involved in the production of presentations, motion pictures, television shows and/or radio programs; engage directors and other production personnel and collaborate with all technical personnel to determine the treatment, scope and scheduling of production; maintain production archives and learn about the negotiation of royalties
  • Exposure to directors who interpret scripts and direct the mise-en-scène; select and direct the actors, extras and technical crew; work with the cast and crew on the interpretation and delivery of the performance; assist in directing rehearsals, filmings, broadcasts and performances; and confer with crew and specialists throughout production and post-production to achieve desired presentation
  • Understand how choreographers create dances for film, theatre and/or television performances that convey stories, ideas and moods, and direct rehearsals for dancers to achieve desired interpretation
  • May observe art directors as they plan, organize and direct the artistic aspects of motion pictures, stage productions and television shows by helping to oversee the design of sets, costumes, furnishings and props to create portrayals of period and setting
  • May assist film editors edit motion picture film and arrange film segments into sequences to achieve continuity and desired dramatic, comedic and thematic effects
  • May observe record producers plan and co-ordinate the production of musical recordings, direct musicians and singers during rehearsals and recordings and manage technicians involved in duplicating, dubbing and mastering of recordings
  • May assist directors of photography co-ordinate and direct the photography of motion pictures, help with camera operators and other crews and learn lighting, lenses, camera angles, backgrounds and other elements to achieve desired visual effect

Theatre, fashion, exhibit and other creative designers


areas of internships can be customized in any of these occupations. The leading silk producing area of the country, South India, has some incredible opportunities:

  • Work with theatre designers to design and create settings, scenic environments, properties, costumes and lighting for theatre, film and video productions, as well as operas and ballets
  • Assist fashion designers to design and create clothing and accessories for men, women and children
  • Understand and assist exhibit designers plan and develop permanent and temporary or moveable exhibits and displays for museum exhibitions, trade shows, conventions, retail spaces and other exhibitions
  • May consult with clients in a multidisciplinary environment to determine needs, preferences, safety requirements and purpose of space
  • Familiarize yourself with how detailed plans and 3-D models are developed showing elevations, arrangement of walls, dividers, displays, lighting and other fixtures using computer-assisted design (CAD) software and graphics software
  • Observe how designers advise on selection of colours, finishes and materials, floor and wall coverings, window treatments, interior and exterior lighting, furniture and other items, taking into account ergonomic and occupational health standards
  • May assist with estimating costs and materials required and may advise on marketing initiatives
  • Understand how to direct site work crews and subcontractors if applicable

Jewellers, jewellery and watch repairers and related occupations

Jewellers, jewellery and watch repair
  • May assist with the fabrication and repair of precious and semi-precious metal jewelry, such as rings, earrings, brooches, pendants, bracelets and lockets
  • Understand how to examine, cut, shape and polish precious and synthetic gems and diamonds using optical instruments, lathes and laps
  • Learn to appraise gemstones to differentiate between stones, identify rare specimens and learn to detect peculiarity affecting stone values
  • Observe and may assist jewellers to set precious and semi-precious stones in jewellery mountings, according to specifications

Sculptor / Woodcarving Craftsperson

  • Assist wood carvers, using hand tools and woodworking machines to produce carvings from wood, stone and other materials and to carve ornamental designs into wooden furniture and other objects
  • Understand and observe how sculptors create sculptures, statues and other three-dimensional artwork by shaping, carving and working with materials such as clay, ice, paper, stone, wood or metal
  • Learn to recognize techniques and methods of drawing, painting, sculpting and other forms of artistic expression