Arts & Sculpture

Cuban art has a very diverse cultural blend of African, European and North American design with a modern flare that embraces the vanguard movement. Art is deeply ingrained into the Cuban culture and reflect the social innovation of people in the pre- and post-revolutionary Cuban era. Making use of dramatic colours, shapes, textures and a wide assortment of media, Cuban artists have plenty to share with those students that are willing to learn.


Cuba Architecture
  • Consult with clients to determine type, style and purpose of renovations or new building construction being considered
  • Become familiar with building design concepts and plans describing design specifications, building materials, costs and construction schedules
  • Help prepare sketches and models for clients
  • Observe the preparation of drawings, specifications and other construction documents for use by contractors and tradespersons
  • Prepare bidding documents, participate in contract negotiations and award construction contracts
  • Help monitor activities on construction sites to ensure compliance with specifications
  • Conduct feasibility studies and financial analyses of building projects

Architects may specialize in a particular type of construction such as residential, commercial, industrial or institutional.

Art and Sculpture

Art and Sculpture
  • Painters create drawings, paintings and other artwork using oils, pastels, watercolours, charcoal, ink and other media.
  • Sculptors create sculptures, statues and other three-dimensional artwork by shaping, carving and working with materials such as clay, ice, paper, stone, wood or metal.
  • Art instructors and teachers teach students the techniques and methods of drawing, painting, sculpting and other forms of artistic expression