Law & Social Services

Chinese law is one of the oldest legal traditions in the world. These legal traditions and social services in the People's Republic of China are currently undergoing gradual reform, as many elements inside and outside the country have been influencing the policies and regulations imposed upon the people by the government. This has created a complex mix of traditional Chinese approaches and Western influences that is sure to challenge and excite you.

International Trade Analyst

  • Learn how to use the Harmonized Tariff Schedule
  • Assist with the processing of binding rules, explanatory notes and informed compliance publications
  • Adhere to reasonable care guidelines
  • Learn to navigate through Export Administration Regulations and International Tariff in Arms Regulations
  • Research, report, and learn how to implement international trade data in order to ensure global import, export, and supply chain security compliance
  • Assist the International Trade Compliance specialist with training and providing project specific expertise to internal staff/clients
  • Help maintain and file import, export, and supply chain security compliance records in accordance with governmental regulations
  • Assist in identifying new procedures and methods to expedite the import and export of shipments, deliveries to the customers and cost saving measures

Legal Intern

Chinese Police Car
  • Help facilitate legal preparation, contracts, administration and execution of agreements and all other legal documentation
  • Learn how to analyze and research law sources such as recorded judicial decisions, treaties, legal articles, legal codes, and constitution
  • Help investigate the facts which are related to the assigned case
  • Help create management and detailed legal reports
  • Assist in the preparation of confidential letters and routine, commercial and legal research briefs